Easy view

eStela has a user-friendly and high-resolution viewer. Races can easily be shown in any device. Do you want to try? Try it

Upload photos, audio or share your wind

Quirón boat taking a photo

Any boat can upload photos or audio during the race using eStela mobile app. All photos will appear in the viewer in real time. Also, you can connect eStela to your instruments and share your wind in real time

Advanced settings

If you want to enhance the race viewing, eStela offers a wide range of possibilities. You can customise the viewer to hide or show boats, show the starting line or, as in the picture, show the distance between two boats.

Adapted to your event and brand

We want eStela to be easily adaptable to your event. In order to do so, we offer you the possibility to embed the map into a website or a mobile app.

Example application with eStela embedded

Satellite tracking

For offshore regattas in which your phone signal is not enough, eStela brings compatiblity with Spot devices. To get a Spot device, please visit the manufacturer website: https://www.findmespot.eu

Custom data analysis

Statistics panel

After every race, captains can access an online panel where they can download the raw data of the race: positions, speeds, directions and travelled distances.

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